‘Art doesn’t just happen by accident. It is about pulling out new tricks and trying new things’
– Nicholas Meyer

Art is my escapism, originally I used my sketchbook to unwind and let my creativity loose when I wasn’t at work; I love being an interior designer but it isn’t always as creative as it sounds. Then I shattered my hip/femur aged 25 and had plenty of time to fill many a sketchbook with ideas, doodles and moments of insanity which led to requests to buy my work.

As an artist I work hard to create pieces from children’s booties to quirky sketches that express my view of the world, after all it’s our quirks and imperfections that make us who we are. Although I have a wide range of creative outlets they are all tied together by looking at things from a different and eclectic perspective, drawing on my passions for illustration, surface pattern and sewing as well as my day job as an interior designer.

I take inspiration from observing life, this could be a shadow on the pavement to my favourite building, piece of fabric or conversation I’ve overheard in a café. I’m never without my sketchbook and biro which is where each and every idea starts. Each illustration range may have the same starting point but the finished designs vary, from Gocco, a rare and discontinued Japanese printing technique making each piece unique and part of a dying art, to scanning an original sketch and adding colour digitally. With all finished creations I try to encourage people to keep engaged with the creative world around us and to hopefully inspire others to appreciate design, and be a part of my creative world by owning my art, illustrations, patterns and textile creations. But most importantly, I create to make people smile.


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