Hi, I’m Vix, aka Accidental Vix, an interior designer, illustrator and sewist living in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, with my husband and two children. I’ll be honest my brain is as eclectic as my studio and inspiration, so I spend time around my family split between sketching, sewing and designing shops.

Accidental Vix came to life when I had many hours bed-ridden with just my sketchbook for company after I shattered my hip in my mid-twenties. Surrounded by the same 4 walls and off work I turned to my sketchbook for company, and the rest as they say is history, well apart from my continued accident prone nature!

As Accidental Vix Sews I make bright, fun, practical, and non-gender stereotypical clothes for newborns to children 6+. All my creations are made to last, using GOTS certified organic fabrics to push against the ever wasteful fast fashion.

Girls don’t only have to wear pink, and boys can have a burst of colour, so Accidental Vix offers premium quality clothing that doesn’t stereotype. Lions, dinosaurs, bright rainbows… There’s a fabric pattern for all children.

When I need some quiet time I sketch, quite often starting in my sketchbook in my corner of creative chaos that is my studio, as Accidental Vix Prints. As an interior designer my love of architecture and Yorkshire often comes into my illustrations, with my most popular and ever growing range being ‘As Scene by Me.’ Sometimes life can get hectic around family time, working to tight deadlines with clients, and sewing late at night so my escapism is picking up my pen and paper and just sketching to clear my mind.

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