I didn’t manage to join in with the Folksy listers in August aka August A-teamers, but I did keep popping in to see the wonderful listings.  I started off with the first listing club in April, and also managed July but haven’t done any since – my excuse if that I’m building my stock up for October! However, I am amazed by how many people list everyday for a month, and some for several months in a row, so I decided to make a card dedicated to my fellow Folksters… pity the fool who doesn’t buy from Folksy. I haven’t added this to my shop yet, so any feedback, especially from the A-teamers would be great.

As I was treated to a posh meal by my gorgeous boyfriend yesterday for our anniversary, which was also a good excuse to wear my fab 50s style prom dress, I didn’t have time to do a Folksy Friday so I decided to make up for it by featuring some of my fave ‘romantic’ items from the A-teamers:

Indira Albert – Winter Tree (How did it get to September? It will be winter before we know it – a good excuse to snuggle up warm)

Natalie Ofkants – Love knot keyring (Natalie really is an inspiration, with an amazing 151 items listed)

Wellydog Designs – Swan Pendant (Swans may be graceful, and remind me of ‘romantic scenes’ in movies but they are vicious)

Justine Ellis – Owls card (what a cute pair)

Whimsical Wren – Wish upon a star necklace (My boyfriend is all that I could wish for!!)

Esme Dodsworth Design – Copper heart necklace (I love how copper ages and changes, just like relationships)

That’s enough sentimentality for one day, time for bed now.


Written by Vicky Morse

The designer behind Accidental Vix and mum of gorgeous and boisterous baby boy and wife to fab and supportive hubby with an aim to just be creative.



Hello, thank you for featuring my Rose Quartz Love Knot keyring / Handbag charm! I can’t believe I have been a daily lister since April, I am the original Fool and still going strong!

Love your A team inspired card, hope you list it soon, so I can add it to my collection.

Natalie x

Esme Dodsworth

Thank you for featuring my pendant 🙂 I agree about the aging of copper thats such a lovely way to put it 🙂
You look fab in your dress I do love polka dots!


Lovely collection and thanks for featuring my winter tree.
Congrats for your anniversary and you look good in prom dress.

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