It’s been a tough few months to say the least, but it seems to be non-stop at the moment… My poor grandad was diagnosed with cancer yesterday, and hearing my grandma trying to hide how upset she was on the other end of the phone was quite hard. On a positive, he’s got to the age of 89 so all credit to him, and I know he won’t be around forever, but I don’t want him to suffer! So, as my run of bad luck continued yesterday I got pushed onto my bad hip as I was getting on the bus to the dentist, clearly it’s more important for others to get on the bus first, and then had the ordeal of the dentist… but on the way back I needed cheering up so came home via the fabric shop, and spent way too much money, but got a great and varied selection. Which meant time for a cup of Betty’s peppermint tea, and to get creating… I made this bib for many reasons but I’m going to dedicate it to my grandad as it’s the colours of his national Ukrainian flag and reminds me of a sunny day which is what I long for right now. What cheers you up?


Written by Vicky Morse

The designer behind Accidental Vix and mum of gorgeous and boisterous baby boy and wife to fab and supportive hubby with an aim to just be creative.

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Hey, hi…Hope you remember me from my previous comment. Thanks for replying back :). Was just browsing through your new posts and came across this one…Just wanted to say that all of us have our share of joys & sorrows in this world…but there is always space for miracles…Just keep your fingers crossed and pray for some miracle (for your Grandpa)…Wishing you warm sunshine and happiness! 🙂


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