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Day 2 of 100 Day Project

  The sunshine today was a perfect opportunity to sit in the garden with my sketchbook whilst my hubby entertained my son for a bit. Today’s pick was typography for day 2 of #the100dayproject, which is not my strong point and definitely something I want to work on more so it was a good chance to let… Read more »

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Day 1 of 100 day project

  Anyone who knows me will agree that I’m always looking for the next project/challenge, and with an 8 month old son it is becoming harder to find the time around looking after him. So, what better motivation than to join #the100dayproject by The Great Discontent and Elle Luna on instagram. In a nutshell it involves… Read more »

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Amended Avanti prints

If you are local to Ilkley you have probably been to Avanti Coffee House on Grove Promenade, and may have seen my illustrations on display there. As they’ve been there over 6 months now it’s time for a change over from my Anonymity range to my As scene by me range of local landmarks, spaces… Read more »

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Designer Insights

Anyone who is a regular follower on facebook or twitter will know that I am battling to get my new website ready to launch very soon but there are some glitches that we are working hard to iron out. Part of my new website launch will be some new goals, one of which is to… Read more »

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Sunday Showcase – Local landmarks

I haven’t written for a few months and all of a sudden I’ve found a new motivation from somewhere, I think it must be having a gorgeous new baby to coo at. However, with a beautiful little boy to take up most of my time my posts are going to be short and sweet and… Read more »

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Happy Birthday Rob Jelinksi Studios

A quick post today to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Rob Jelinski Studios who are celebrating their 5th Anniversary today. I had the honour to get to know Rob via the Sketchbook Project a couple of years ago, and collaborated with him on a UStream broadcast at 3.30am UK time. I hate being centre… Read more »

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Sunday Showcase – Stock take

It has been too long since I did a Sunday Showcase but I’ve been absolutely flat out making stock for the Country Living Christmas Fair in Harrogate which starts on 28th November! I’m in a bit of panic mode as this is my first big fair and it has come at a time when I’ve… Read more »

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Friday Faves – Busy busy busy

Well I’ve been struggling to write much on my blog recently, as you can tell, but to be fair my new baby nephew has been in and out of hospital, and I’ve been working crazy hours for my day job as I need to take the work when it comes in as a freelancer, then in… Read more »