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86 of 100 Day Project

Day 86 of #the100dayproject sees my sketch of Whitby Abbey through the Whitby Whalebone complete, just some colour to add now.

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Day 41 of 100 Day Project

I was glad to have picked ‘overheard conversation’ today for day 41 as my mum had Harry for a few hours so my hubby and I went out for lunch, followed by a walk round town to get groceries, and finished with a coffee and cheeky cake. This meant there were plenty of conversations to… Read more »

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Run daddy run

As a proud wife I just have to say well done to my hubby for doing the Great Manchester Run in 54 mins, whilst Harry wore his newly printed top to support daddy raising money for JDRF UK.

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Day 33 of 100 Day Project

Day 33 of #the100dayproject seemed like a good opportunity to escape from the politics of today and take myself back to happy times, with some of my favourite photos from Montreal.

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Day 25 of 100 Day Project

Day 25 of #the100dayproject is the perfect opportunity to not only practice sketching people but to be inspired by the Tour de Yorkshire starting tomorrow.

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Day 5 of 100 Day Project

  After struggling with yesterday’s theme I was quite relieved to pick ‘overheard conversation’ today. Although my final image was done digitally I always start by getting ideas on paper in my sketchbook, and after I’d heard a snippet of conversation when out at lunch with my mum I had to get drawing. ‘I’m as… Read more »

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Sunday Showcase – Scandinavian Sketches

A quick one this evening as we’ve just come back from an amazing week cruising down the Norwegian Fjords, but thought I’d better share a few sketches as I haven’t done a Sunday Showcase in a while. These are a few pages from my sketchbook that were filled whilst we were away, and my fave… Read more »