There has been blood, sweat and tears reaching this point… where I decide that this is the end of my branding brainstorming, all the moodboards, scribbles, sketches and research have lead to my new logos. I took the decision to separate my brands into Accidental Vix Sews and Accidental Vix Prints. This may or may not be the correct decision, time will tell on that one, but I feel like they are two different products that deserve to be shown off in their own right. So, you will notice that going forward anything that was Accidental Vix, such as my Etsy shop and social media channels, will now be dedicated to my sewing and children’s clothes, and anything print, sketching, illustration related with be under Accidental Vix Prints.

This has been a long journey behind the scenes, several moments where I was ready to give up, but thanks to a couple of very supportive friends and my hubby I am pleased to launch my new brands and logos. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a graphic or brand designer, but I have gone back to the start and evaluated everything. Re-affirmed my brand values, which influence every decision I make, and decided what is most important to me, and hopefully my logo and direction in the future reflects that.

I won’t bore you with the months of work to get to this point (there have been a lot of discarded files along the way) but the first brand value I’m going to discuss is community and support so I’ll start with my font, which is important to me for a few reasons.  It sums me up:

  • It’s ‘handwritten’ but not too flowery to suit my style (I definitely don’t do girlie, frilly or overly pink but I am a personable business)
  • I take influence from the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi, that we should celebrate our imperfections. In fact, one of the first things that caught my husband’s attention and is now our motto was casually dropped in conversation by me early on –  ‘it’s our quirks and imperfections that make us who we are’
  • It sounds corny but I just want to add a bit of good to a sometimes big bad world, and know that the evolution of this font resonates with me. It is the work of friend, Rob Jelinski, in New Jersey. His mum unfortunately died of cancer just over a year ago, but before she died she wrote out the alphabet and Rob had it turned into a public source font called Beth Ellen (feel free to download it and spread some positivity in the world.) So I am honoured to be keeping his mum’s legacy alive in my own small way, and Rob tells me that his mum was good at sewing too!
  • I’m keen to help people, and continue to give a % of sales to charity, make clothes for refugees and people who need and deserve a bit of extra love and every time I look at my logo Beth Ellen’s encouragement is staring back at me, so thank you Rob! My first donation to charity since re-branding is to Sue Ryder Manorlands Hospice which is a local charity providing palliative care, and I do so in the memory of Beth Ellen even though she lived thousands of miles away, and as a thank you for making this beautiful font available to everyone.


Beth Ellen – my quirks and imperfections will live on with the help of your script!


Written by Vicky Morse

The designer behind Accidental Vix and mum of gorgeous and boisterous baby boy and wife to fab and supportive hubby with an aim to just be creative.

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