I’m so glad this week is over and the end is in sight for my latest challenging shop design… One down three to go before christmas! At least it’s one less thing to worry about as I’ve got a few things on my mind at the moment. I find the best thing is to lose myself in music, so along with my celebration card listing today I’m going to celebrate that it’s Friday by choosing items based on rem lyrics:

Pirate pixie’s treasure trove – I love disco necklace (I’m gonna DJ at the end of the world – I’m gonna DJ)

Mystic’s realm – pink rose rings (the flowers often bloom at night – Flowers of Guatemala)

Lilly’s night garden – address book (gardening at night, just didn’t grow – Gardening at night)

Moody cow designs – handbag (a twist of colour – 7 chinese brothers)

Bead cornucopia – black and white dice (eighteen wheeler, payback dice – Low Desert)

Have a great weekend


Written by Vicky Morse

The designer behind Accidental Vix and mum of gorgeous and boisterous baby boy and wife to fab and supportive hubby with an aim to just be creative.



Lovely choices! Adore your celebration card and also Trish’s crocheted bag, so colourful!

Natalie x


Wicked idea, the song thing! Since imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, I shall keep this one in mind. Inspiring.

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