Firstly, how’s everyone in the heat this week? I went to Manchester yesterday to not only see a dream come true and my name written on the Paperchase Flagship window, thanks to Myro Doodles and Curated Makers, but I also got to see my prints in the first on my new wholesale stockists, The Royal Exchange Theatre Shop! To say it was probably the wrong day to go is an understatement. I honestly didn’t know that trains could get that hot, or take that long, and nearly 5 hours after leaving Manchester I arrived home, a little over 50 miles away!

I was feeling a bit smug that I had just launched my Accidental Vix Sews summer collection, which in turn means my kids have all their summer clothes made, but completely forgot about my own summer clothes; either sat in the summer box in the loft, or in my sewing pile yet to be sewn! So, yes – that’s my weekend planned for me.

Anyway, back to hot and sunny Manchester… It was a child free day, which not only meant I could go to the Royal Exchange Theatre Shop without holding my children close by in fear of them touching something with grubby hands, but also meant I got time to have a grown up lunch with my mother in law. We went to the Royal Exchange Rivals Bar and Restaurant and I thoroughly recommend it, not only are you surrounded by one of the craziest theatre designs I think I’ve seen, but the food is yummy and reasonably priced – I had quiche and 3 side salads for £6!

But, the reason I was there was to pop into the Theatre Shop to see if my illustrations were out on the shelves yet, and low and behold they were! I am so excited and relieved that the hard work over the last few months has paid off and I am now stocked alongside some creators, makers and designers that I have admired for a very long time. Not to mention that the shop manager is the lovely Gail of Gail Myerscough Design, whose prints I covet all the time.

There are too many stockists to mention them all, and what I love about this shop is that it’s curated so well by Gail and her team that whenever I go there is something fresh to catch my eye. But here are my top 3 picks from yesterday:

Wee Gallery – The cutest, simple designs for children on a variety of items from crinkle toys to little books. I bought one of the ’32 ways to dress’ books to send to a fellow creative friend, basically to send her a smile through the post, but they’re so versatile and are perfect for children and adults to get lost in. I might have to go back to get some more for my kids (and maybe myself) because they’re perfect for when we go out for dinner etc and I need distractions for them that fit in my bag! These simple yet fun pages have also given me some motivation to finish an activity book I started months ago based on architecture.

Yellow Owl Workshop – Not only is this cute, quirky and bright jewellery, but just look at that packaging! I have spent a lot of time this year trying to refine my packaging and get rid of all plastic, which I have to say has been much easier with my children’s clothing than with prints. My prints all come in standard picture frame mounts but that’s not so standard for eco UK packaging it seems, but at least my cards/envelopes etc are all recyclable and card bags are compostable at home. This jewellery packaging is not only plastic free but it feels as valuable as the gorgeous jewellery that it houses – double win! If any of my friends or family are reading, yes please to the camera earrings.


Hubert and George – You can’t beat a bit of monochrome, and these absolutely adorable illustrations on crockery and planters make me smile without fail. Again, I’ll have to go back because I really want one of the planters so I can plant some ‘hair’ with the kids, I’m thinking chives might be a good one, what would you plant? They remind me of so many characters, at first I was thinking a fisherman or sailor, then Hagrid from Harry Potter, and just a jolly fella I want to meet down the pub!


So now I’ve started my Christmas shopping list and feeling super organised it’s time to go to bed and hope it’s a cooler night. Have a fab weekend whatever you have planned.


Written by Vicky Morse

The designer behind Accidental Vix and mum of gorgeous and boisterous baby boy and wife to fab and supportive hubby with an aim to just be creative.

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