I’m sure I’m not alone as a parent in wondering if we’re teaching my son the correct things. Harry spends a lot of time with our parents (thank goodness for grandparent help!) and a day at the childminder every week, so it’s easy to wonder if this is the best thing for him, but being self employed it’s difficult to sign up for more paid childcare (the childminder is full anyway) as we have to pay whether work is busy or quiet.

Harry is a child that has to be certain of something before trying or doing it, that is unless it involves dangerous jumping over a sofa, or the like! At the moment we are introducing him to letters of the alphabet, and he hasn’t learnt his ‘abc’ as much as ‘hdm’ (H for Harry, D for daddy, M for mummy.) There is a shelf in Harry’s bedroom with lots of H’s on it, my fave from The White Bulb that I spotted at one of my stockists, Our Handmade Collective. This simple feature in his room has obviously made a difference as he definitely knows when he sees H for Harry, and his favourite t-shirt is from Font not Found.

November/December is always quiet for me with interior design work, and I love my job but it’s been pretty full on this year so have to admit it’s a welcome break to be able to go for walks and get out with my family during the day and spend some time sewing and sketching in the evenings. One of the best ways for me to find inspiration is to get out of the house and take in the world around me and try to see things differently, and it seems Harry is the same. We picked him up from the childminder yesterday and went for a walk round our local area, via Middleton Woods. Although Harry was 2 years old by the time he started talking, which seemed later than his friends, he is making up for it and is very chatty at the moment. On our walk yesterday in amongst the chitter chatter we’d hear a loud ‘H for Harry, H for Harry’ and he’d spotted things that we hadn’t even seen; the H on this sign was a good one but even better were the ‘Hs’ of the rugby posts. I hope he never stops seeing the world differently!

My son is always an inspiration, and after our ‘H for Harry’ walk yesterday I am going to pick up my alphabet illustrations again so I can hopefully print them and make a book for him, and potentially prints for my Etsy shop.

How did/do you help your children learn the alphabet, and to use their imagination?

Written by Vicky Morse

The designer behind Accidental Vix and mum of gorgeous and boisterous baby boy and wife to fab and supportive hubby with an aim to just be creative.

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