I’ve always had a passion for anything creative, hence my day job as an interior designer. But my creative world doesn’t stop at work, wherever I am there’s always a pen/pencil/paintbrush at hand whether I am doodling the person sat opposite me on the train, scribbling ideas for the next illustration or bringing my familiar characters to life ready for another occasion. Below is the result of what I do in my most creative moments (with only a few injuries along the way.)


ASBM_ilkley-col-lowresI started illustrating in April 2009 when I entered the Picture This competition after being made redundant and it was the moment that got me hooked and motivated me to keep the creative juices flowing and not give up on my passion for all things arty.  The ideas were there to start with but the technical knowledge and experience didn’t quite match. I’m not someone to turn down a challenge and thanks to the support of friends, family and customers I am constantly improving, and happy with where my creative journey is taking me!


Nelson-rec-kraft-A6-close2Anyone who knows me will tell you I have a bit of an obsession with cards, but then again so does my mum – it must be hereditary! A card can make a smile appear, a tear trickle, or a laugh escape and that’s why I started making them to give to friends and family for any and every occasion.The rest, as they say, is history…

My cards are available to buy on Etsy, with more being uploaded on a regular basis, so please help make someone smile whilst supporting us creatives who are still making cards by hand!

Surface Pattern Design

pattern-fem-1-sunshineI’ve always had a love for sketching, doodling and illustrating and never go anywhere without my sketchbook, but it wasn’t until recently and the discovery of MOYO magazine (dedicated to surface pattern design) that I followed my dream. I may be self taught but I think I have successfully learnt how to create a tiled repeat pattern from the various illustrations and sketchbooks I’ve filled over the years, chosen subjects out of my comfort zone and played with colour and scale. My patterns are now available to buy on fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap on Spoonflower and Woven Monkey.

Children’s clothes

booties-geometric-floral-closeI started making bibs and booties to use up my ever growing fabric stash after buying some gorgeous hand batik fabric on our honeymoon in Malaysia, continuing my love of combining colour and pattern from my day job as an interior designer. I believe that even practical items should be special, and after all you can never have too many bibs or cute baby items to keep any baby smiling, and hopefully a parent or two even at stressful times! Watch this space for further creative challenges to increase my children’s ranges, especially now my son is my new model and I am hankering after bigger and bolder challenges.

Interior Design

just-makers-boards-a5-draft2Since graduating from Nottingham Trent University with a BA (Hons) Interior Archtiecture and Design degree I have specialised in retail design in London and Manchester, with over 10 years experience and clients including JD Sports, Fred Perry, and Hobbs.  After working for some of the big design agencies I decided to move back to Yorkshire and set up on my own. I am interested in any freelance opportunities in the local area (around Leeds and Yorkshire) or that allow me to work from home. I currently work with RPF Projects, based in Cambridgeshire, with main clients being Joules and Ann Summers. Please contact me if you would like to view my portfolio.


After my own engagement resulting in my very handmade and local wedding in Yorkshire in July 2011 I got the bug to continue creating something special and personal for happy couples. Here are some examples of the handmade appearances at our own wedding, resulting from many an evening, lunchtime and weekend being spent creating and making in every spare second. I wouldn’t change anything about our special day but in the process learnt a lot about creating for weddings and here are a few examples of my wedding ranges. Watch this space for my next wedding related challenge coming soon (no I’m not getting married again!)…


Please keep falling by as there will be more coming soon.

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