Most of my cards can be bought through my Etsy shop, but here are my complete collections so if there are interested in that aren’t available then please just send me a message through the contact form or e-mail me.


This is my first, and signature range, inspired by my day job, and the familiar figures often added into sketches by architects and interior designers. The final push started when I made a card for my parents to say thanks for helping us move all the way from Manchester to London, and that very card has made it into the range as the ‘on the move’ card.

The idea behind these ‘blob men’ (as my husband calls them) is that no matter who you are, where you are, or when you are there, it takes the smallest of things to create a smile. It doesn’t matter who these characters are, the simplicity and overall scene will hopefully provoke some laughter.  So please spread the word and a little bit of happiness to brighten someone’s day.

Click here to view the Anonymity range

As scene by me

ASBM-card-bettys-fullThis range is a progression from my Anonymity range with the idea that it doesn’t matter who you are, a scene can evoke memories and thoughts all of it’s own. My love of Yorkshire has allowed me to illustrate some of my favourite local landmarks in this style.

Card packs are available in this range from Our Handmade Collective in Leeds, but are also available upon request so please just let me know if you would like any specific cards in this range.

 Click here to view the As scene by me range


Charlie-peas-cream-A6-close2This is my most diverse and experimental range, with the subject matter ranging from animals to pirates eating peas, but the printing technique ties my different illustration styles together.

All cards are printed using my handmade Gocco screens, a rare Japanese technique, which allows my detailed linework to be brought to life when I screenprint them. Some prints also incorporate a stencil screenprint to add block colour. Gocco is a Japanese technique developed in 1977 by Noboru Hayama and was oftem used by families to create New Years cards with their children due to the small size of the machine which exposes carbon based designs with 2 flash bulbs onto a fine mesh. In 2008 Riso shipped their last supplies and Gocco was discontinued, making each piece original and part of a dying art.

Click here to view the Gocco-crazy-for-you range

Molly Moo

Molly-supersar-full2Molly is the first character to make it to life in this range, and evolved after entering a competition to illustrate a children’s book. She is a cheeky little girl and her bright red hair grabs everyone’s attention. Not short of confidence you will find Molly making the most of life, having fun and just doing things that all children do. You can’t help but smile at Molly and friends, particularly her little brother Charlie.

 All Molly Moo cards start off as a hand sketch, which is then scanned and colour added digitally before being printed onto 300gsm white card. Each card is 148mm (w) x 105mm (h) with a white C6 envelope, sealed in a clear cello bag.

Click here to view the Molly Moo range

Sketchbox Animals

winter-robin-portraitThis range of illustrations emerged after Nelson the elephant was a happy accident in my new sketchbook that led me to my craze for drawing cute animals with my biro. You can’t help but look at these creatures and smile, each one is named and has a personality of their own which inspires the marks I make to bring them to life, and hopefully my whimsical creativity can make you smile too.

There are too many amazing animals in the world that I haven’t had time to draw them all, so if you have a fave that is not amongst my existing collection then please let me know as I love doing commissions and trying things out of my comfort zone.

Click here to view the Sketchbox animals range

Detailed Doodles

card-be-mineThis range started life as a series of pages in my sketchbook project, which went to NYC to start it’s worldwide tour in 2012 and now lives in the Brooklyn Art Library. My sketchbook was the story of my year in 2011, which mainly centred around my handmade wedding and is a story of my time as a bride. I love sketching, and pattern so there are lots of intricate details to keep everyone engaged, and I used stitching in my original pages to bring the scenes to life. I am now adding to the range, retaining the style but finding new inspiration along the way.

Click here to view the Detailed doodles range

Pining for Print

sunshine-close-wmAs well as creating my bright and bold patterns to be printed on fabric to make some clothes for my son I have scaled them down to be printed on a range of cards. If like me you prefer to have some cards in stock for those moments when you may have remembered a bit too late about somebody’s birthday, a friend needs a pick me up or you just buy cards when you see them for sending as snail mail when the moment arises then this range is perfect as they are unisex and suitable for almost all occasions.


 Click here to view the pining for print range

Bessie Friends

A range of cards made up of Bessie the fairy and her friends. There’s a character to suit every occasion and personality and these adorable character will remind you of at least one person you know! These characters came to life after I entered a competition to illustrate Freddie and the Fairy by Julia Donaldson, and although I didn’t win, it was one of the biggest learning curves and motivators in my illustrative career and led onto my Molly Moo illustration range.

Making friends with Bessie and company is just like baking:



A Bessie Card, a friend and a special place for whichever character catches your eye.


1. Write message in card

2. Give card to friend

3. Friend smiles

Click here to view the Bessie range

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