A combined love of fabric, patterns and all things cute, especially my son born in 2014, has led me to sew fun, bold and practical items from my creative corner in Yorkshire, UK that are perfect as gifts or for a good quality and lovingly handmade item for your own little ones. Here is a selection of what I’ve been making so far…

Bibs and dribble bibs

harry-dribble-carsContinuing my passion for my day job as an interior designer I love choosing new colour combinations through my fabric choices and think that even the practical things can be pretty too. These bright colours are bound to keep any baby smiling, and hopefully a parent or two even at the most stressful times!

I started making bibs and dribble bibs to use up my ever growing fabric stash, and the bright colours just cried out to be used for children. My fabrics tend to be bright and cheery yet sophisticated and perfect for teaming with any outfit, and after all you can never have too many bibs. All bibs and dribble bibs are limited editions of 10, which not only allows me to buy many different fabrics but ensures you will have an item to stand out from the crowd.

Baby booties

booties-elephants-red-closeI like anything cute so combined with my love of a challenge I came up with the idea to make baby booties/pram shoes whilst on honeymoon. Before you jump to conclusions it was actually when in found some gorgeous hand batik fabric in Langkawi and needed to find a use for!  This coincided with one of my friends having a baby and wanting to make a unique gift that she and her son could keep. I now use my son as my model and he definitely puts his booties through their paces as he is never still and I have to stay they’ve stood up against the test of time and because of the elasticated design they stay on perfectly.

Please note that all shoes are handmade and there may be slight variances between them, but it is our quirks and imperfections that make us who we are. Each pair comes in it’s own drawstring bag to make them feel even more special and perfect for a gift or a keepsake for your own little one! I can also personalise them with a screenprinted letter or design, or use a fabric of your choice, which could even be an old piece of clothing which has a special memory from dad’s shirt to granny’s blouse.

As well as wanting my booties to be unique to make them even more special I want to use as many different fabrics as possible, so each design is a limited edition of 10 and once they’re gone there will be no more the same.

I am also working on some winter snow boots so watch this space as my footwear range increases…



I’m a sucker for all things cute, and have an ever growing hat collection so with a small head I made a child sized bear hat for myself and got several comments in the street so decided to make a whole range for children, and those young at heart! These novelty fleece hats will keep any little head warm and looks adorable at the same time, perfect for dressing up and wrapping up in a fun way.

Available in various designs, and custom requests welcome. Currently available from newborn to 6-8 year olds and a few adult requests have been fulfilled already!

Children’s clothes


Since my son was born I have realised just how many more options there are for little girls compared to boys, and it’s just the same with finding patterns to sew clothes for little ones. There are some funky clothes for boys but in reality there just isn’t the choice that there is for little princesses, so my aim is to prove that boys can be funky and cool and their clothes don’t have to be boring.

As well as tops and trousers I have some capes which are just charming! I bought some fabric in Montreal to make myself one (let’s not mention the clothes I had to sacrifice to bring this fabric home!) but thought I’d start on a smaller scale with some little girl capes after I found some gorgeous owl fabric.

All clothes are made to order and sizes vary from 6-12 months to 6-7 years.

Screenprinted clothes

harry-bearhugsFollowing on from my experiments with Gocco screens and combining this with screenprinting and my passion for illustrating I decided it was time to print on some new surfaces.  I think art prints are great and we have a wall full in our hall and if I see a print that catches my eye I buy it, but my illustrations are made to make people smile, and what better way to do that than be worn and taken on their travels with little boys and girls.

Since my son was born I have printed on every baby grow, top or bodysuit that has a plain surface or fabric and this is further fuelling my imagination, with new designs emerging constantly. We even announced his birth with him wearing a specially printed baby grow which my husband was writing his name, date of birth and weight on moments after we were taken to the ward. The trouble is keeping up with Harry growing so fast and printing quick enough for him to model for me! Watch this space as I think this is set to become my fastest growing range, and as always I’m open to requests.

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