I started making children’s clothes for my own children, but also as gifts for friends because I was frustrated at the lack of choice that wasn’t baby pink, pastel blue or lemon! All children can wear fun, bright and un-stereotypically gender specific clothes at any age. I also think it’s important to allow children, and girls in particular, to have freedom to move and play without being restricted so my clothes are chosen to be practical without being boring. Here is a selection of my favourite styles:

Harem pants

Harem pants are practical yet fun and cute, and perfect for both disposable and cloth nappies

Sizes: NB to 1yr as standard, larger sizes available

RRP £16-20

Joggers & Shorts

These joggers are a slimmer fit than harems but still loose enough for active boys or girls, whether crawling, walking, running, climbing. They are my fave casual trouser/bottoms for toddlers and children. Available for all seasons as knee length shorts, capri (3/4) length and full (regular) length.

Sizes: 0-3m to 6yr as standard larger sizes available

RRP £14-28


The slimmest fit of all the trousers/bottoms are the leggings, perfect for pairing with a longer top. Available as short or full (regular) length

Sizes: 0-3m to 5yr as standard, larger sizes available

RRP £15-23

Slim Fit T-shirts & Long Sleeve Tops

Although these are slim fit tops the stretch in the fabric allows it to fit easily with room for growth, and are available with short or long sleeves, and regular or raglan (baseball style) sleeves.

Sizes: 0-3m to 6yr as standard, larger sizes available

RRP £16-25

Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Let’s face it, we can’t predict the British weather and can have all seasons in a day so these are a perfect addition to any wardrobe for layering, and are available in thinner jersey (t-shirt) fabric or thicker french terry (sweatshirting fabric) with either a hood or round neck. Available as standard length and dress length.

Sizes: 0-3m to 6yr as standard, larger sizes available

RRP £20-32


From a simple skater skirt with twirl factor, to the practical pocket skirt, these make a great addition to brighten up any child’s wardrobe.

Sizes: 0-3m to 6yr as standard, larger sizes available

RRP £20-32


My daughter wears a lot of culottes so she can continue to climb, and run around without baring all or getting caught as her skirt flies up in the breeze.

Sizes: 0-3m to 5yr

RRP £17.50-25


There are various styles of dress available, all keeping a simple silhouette but with a slightly different fit, with or without pockets.

Sizes: 0-3m to 6yr as standard, larger sizes available

RRP £20-35

Rompers and Dungarees

These rompers/dungarees are designed to be a loose fit to allow for lots of movement with adventurous toddlers, fitting my ‘practical but cute’ category, and are available as long or short legs.

RRP £20-35


My daughter spent much of her early months in the British cold, rainy weather and sleepsuits are so pracitcal but also keep her warm because I don’t need to put socks on that are likely to get lost. These sleepsuits have a curve on the front which allow easy access for nappy changes because the snaps finish in the centre at the top and there’s nothing worth than faffing with snaps in the middle of the night.

Sizes: 0-3m to 2yr as standard, larger sizes available

RRP £25-40


As well as baby hats and headbands I sell snoods (infinity scarves) and am always open to suggestions for adding to the range. I also have a range of re-usable face wipes in a variety of pack sizes

RRP £5-15

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