I started making children’s clothes for my own children, but also as gifts for friends because I was frustrated at the lack of choice that wasn’t baby pink, pastel blue or lemon! All children can wear fun, bright and un-stereotypically gender specific clothes at any age. I also think it’s important to allow children, and girls in particular, to have freedom to move and play without being restricted so my clothes are chosen to be practical without being boring. For example my daughter wears a lot of culottes so she can continue to climb, and crawl without baring all or getting caught as her skirt flies up in the breeze. Here is a selection of my favourite styles:

Harem pants

When my son was born I found it difficult to buy unique and interesting unisex baby clothes as we didn’t find out he was a boy until he arrived. The months after he was born I realised that it’s difficult to find cute boy clothes compared to the wide choice for girls so these harem pants are perfect for both genders, whilst being practical too.

RRP £13-17

T-shirts and Long Sleeve Tops

One of my favourite patterns is for a slim fit top for Harry, which I started making using my husband’s old t-shirts so if you want me to upcycle old clothes or treasured items then please just send me a message. I have since become a bit addicted to buying knit/stretch jersey and have a large collection ready to be sewn up.

RRP £17.50-25

Rompers and Dungarees

I can’t resist making dungarees/romper for Harry as I think they are adorable on toddlers, especially boys who seem to have less variety of cute clothes and it’s a good change to jeans/trousers and a top. These harem rompers are designed to be a loose fit to allow for lots of movement with adventurous toddlers, fitting my ‘practical but cute’ category, and are available as long or short legs.

RRP £20-35

Hoodies and Jumpers

As we enter the winter months in the northern hemisphere it was time to make some warmer clothes for my little man and a hoodie is a perfect way to keep him cosy and it means I can experiment with colour combinations. Here are some examples of various hoodie patterns I have used so if you have a particular fave then please let me know.

RRP £20-35


My daughter spent much of her early months in the British cold, rainy weather and sleepsuits are so pracitcal but also keep her warm because I don’t need to put socks on etc that are likely to get lost. These sleepsuits have a curve on the front which is a design detail I like, but also means that it’s easy to get her legs in and out because the snaps finish in the centre at the top.

RRP £22-30


All capes are made to order and sizes vary from 6-12 months to 6-7 years, made in my little corner of Yorkshire with a ithinksew pattern.

RRP £30-45

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