What better way to combine my love of sketching and sewing than to design fabric! I’m still in the early days but I love that I can design fabric that my kids request when I just can’t find that print that I want.

I was lucky enough recently to be asked to design the Christmas Range for Splashings of Fabric, designing Christmas fabric inĀ  Feb/Mar just after you’ve had enough of Christmas was certainly a challenge. The biggest learning curve was actually finding my style, something I’m still working on, and working with a client who isn’t my child! I’d love to hear what you think, but let me introduce you to my first full fabric range:

I’ve also designed plenty of fabrics when just experimenting and deciding this is what I want to try and do more of, and more recently designing my own fabrics, mainly at the request of my children, but also again trying to determine what my style is, what I like and dislike and refining the process.

These designs will be available as non-exclusive patterns in the not too distant future, once I work out how I’m going to list them for sale. If you’d like any of the above designs I’m also considering listing them too if I can let go of exclusivity for my own sewing.