Over the years I have built up a fair collection of fabric in my studio, much of it with the intention to sew pretty and funky things from, but some of it just because I like it and have yet to find a use for. Then I discovered Spoonflower, where you can have your own designs printed on fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap or choose from some gorgeous and unique collections from other designers. I have ordered some of my designs on fabric so I can make some new clothes for my son, and also some fabric through Woven Monkey to make some blinds for his nursery. Although my first attempts at pattern design were for the MOYO competition in issue 3 in early 2013 my journey has continued through the Tigerprint Competitions, and more recently the Spoonflower competitions have been a catalyst for me developing my pattern range. I am now much happier with my hand drawn style which has emerged after a crisis of confidence, lots of tears and fears. This just proves to me that I need to keep challenging myself, and although my designs are now available to buy as fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap my next step is developing a portfolio and finding the bravery to start contacting some agents and potential clients!


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