Every design has a story…

After months of hard work, blood, sweat and many tears I can finally reveal my rebranding and relaunch my Etsy shops, I will go through my brand values over the coming months but I’d like to start with a font that has a lot of meaning to me. Thank you Beth Ellen! x

Made by Jack’s Mum… drawn by Accidental Vix

A collaboration between myself and local pattern designer Sarah of Made by Jack’s Mum to make the sewing world a happy place

That time of year again…

Entering 2018 as a family of four will see undoubtedly seem more laughter, tears and love, but hopefully there will be more creative time, sketching and sewing too.

Winter Sale

As a thank you for your support I am offering 10% off my Etsy shop this week, and 50% of all sales will be going to Refugee START

Lucky Little Lucy

Introducing the newest Accidental Vix model, and thanking a few sewing friends along the way.

Easy Easter Activities

We used some family time to be creative with our Easter presents this year… pet rock rabbits and chocolate eggs of course!

Fab furniture on a budget

When our studio was finally finished, the first thing to go up was our custom shelving, designed by me and made by hubby old scaffolding boards

Leeds Corn Exchange – Live Sketch

A quick recap of pushing myself out of my comfort zone for a live sketching session at Leeds Corn Exchange for The Great Yorkshire Shop

2017 Secret Valentine Exchange

I never need an excuse to send pretty post but when I saw the Secret Valentine Exchange on Instagram on the day it closed for entries I knew I had to sign up

Magical Lantern Festival

Some creative inspiration despite the -1ºc temperature at the Magic Lantern Festival, Leeds

  • Happy 21st Melanie

    Just want to say a big thanks to my cousin Melanie for inviting us to her 21st today – we had a fantastic day at Beverley races, even with the terrible choice in horses (well that will teach me to go for the greys or ‘cool names.’) It was a great day out, and even… Read more »

  • July Jesters – Day 2

    As I’m on a train back ‘home’to my cousin’s birthday at the races (today’s Folksy listing inspiration) I thought I’d use that as today’s theme… Our train is delayed because of damage to overhead lines so I’ve got plenty of time to look through today’s items and choose a few: Lemonade and lamingtons – Dragonfly… Read more »

  • Folksy Friday at the races!

    Another week has almost gone, and I’ve not done nearly as much as I would like to have finished, not made as many items as I’d like to have in prep for the July Jesters, and not got enough time to list all my fave Folksy items.  So there’s only one thing for it –… Read more »

  • July Jesters – Day 1

    It’s been so long since I listed an item everyday that I forgot I need to get up earlier to upload it on my Folksy shop before work to try and get more views (and hopefully a sale soon!) It’s great to be back in the Folksy listing community and see a few familiar avatars… Read more »

  • July Jesters

    No I’m not jesting with you… I am actually listing an item everyday through July in my Folksy shop as part of the July Jesters group, I must be mad! Having done the April Foolers listings I decided it was too much of a challenge to list an item everyday as well as blog nearly… Read more »

  • Congratulations Joe and Molly

    Just a quick post to say congratulations to Joe and Molly who got married last weekend! I was honoured to make their wedding invites, with a bit of customisation to a card from my anonymity range – I had such fun doing them, and was relieved when they finally arrived on the otherside of the… Read more »

  • aDorable Dragon…

    I’ve had a busy week at work so today was dedicated to ‘creative’ things (after a biiiiiiiig pile of ironing, cooking, washing and cleaning.)  I’m disappointed I didn’t finish my cowboy entry for last month so I thought I’d better dedicate some time to this month’s dragon challenge, and the outcome was Dora and Dan. … Read more »

  • Folksy Friday – Wonderful Wimbledon!

    Well as Wimbledon is my home for the moment, and the town is bustling with visitors to the tennis I thought it would be a perfect theme for this week’s Folksy Friday. I’ve been busy at work so not had much chance to keep up with most of it apart from highlights but well done… Read more »

  • Wimbledon Village Fair…

    I love living in Wimbledon, just hate commuting into London, but you can’t have everything and days like Saturday when the annual village fair was on make me feel better about living down here 🙂 As we walked up the hill to the village and my hip was hurting I was trying to decide how… Read more »