Easy Easter Activities

We used some family time to be creative with our Easter presents this year… pet rock rabbits and chocolate eggs of course!

Fab furniture on a budget

When our studio was finally finished, the first thing to go up was our custom shelving, designed by me and made by hubby old scaffolding boards

Leeds Corn Exchange – Live Sketch

A quick recap of pushing myself out of my comfort zone for a live sketching session at Leeds Corn Exchange for The Great Yorkshire Shop

2017 Secret Valentine Exchange

I never need an excuse to send pretty post but when I saw the Secret Valentine Exchange on Instagram on the day it closed for entries I knew I had to sign up

Magical Lantern Festival

Some creative inspiration despite the -1Âșc temperature at the Magic Lantern Festival, Leeds

Spanish sketching

A recent holiday was the start of me trying to get back into sketching, and feeling very rusty

Tuesday Talent – Sean Mort

Time to get back to showcase some of my favourite indie designers/makers for the first Tuesday Talent of the year with Sean Mort Print Shop

Handmade Christmas

With too much political turmoil hanging over 2016 I decided to start the year reflecting on our handmade Christmas instead

Creative escapism

October wasn’t a good month for me but in tough times I turn to my sketchbook and creativity to escape so at least I have some sketches to share

Etsy Made Local Talent – Part 1

I’m pleased to be a part of Team Leeds Etsy Made Local at Leeds City Museum on 3 Dec and wanted to share some of my fellow, talented designers and makers – not to be missed!

  • Day 100 of 100 Day Project

    Day 100 of #the100day project and I made it to the end! 100 consecutive days of creativity and I’m ready for a bit of a break… today’s print is for all the superstars who have joined in the 100 day journey

  • Day 99 of 100 Day Project

    Day 99 of #the100dayproject means there’s only one day left, so I thought I’d better make something for my son today and printed this cute squirrel on a babygrow for him

  • Day 98 of 100 Day Project

    Day 98 of #the100dayproject involved some aimless sketching in my sketchbook as my husband and I were away for the weekend having a relaxing anniversary break

  • Day 97 of 100 Day Project

    Day 97 of #the100dayproject has motivated to finish Harry’s first birthday invites so I can give them out, now that we’re running out of time

  • Day 96 of 100 Day Project

    Day 96 nears the end of #the100dayproject and that means my son’s first birthday is fast approaching and I need to start thinking about his cake

  • Day 95 of 100 Day Project

    Day 95 of #the100dayproject and edging ever closer to the finish line with a few hand-numbering doodles in my sketchbook

  • Day 94 of 100 Day Project

    Day 94 of #the100dayproject is also my wedding anniversary, so today’s offering is for my amazing husband, who I would be lost without

  • Day 93 of 100 Day Project

    Day 93 of #the100dayproject finally sees my illustration of the Cavendish Pavilion at Bolton Abbbey complete, printed and ready to go, and soon to be in my Etsy shop.

  • Day 92 of 100 Day Project

    Day 92 of #the100dayproject sees my illustration of the Cavendish Pavilion at Bolton Abbey getting one step closer to being complete