2017 Secret Valentine Exchange

I never need an excuse to send pretty post but when I saw the Secret Valentine Exchange on Instagram on the day it closed for entries I knew I had to sign up


Magical Lantern Festival

Some creative inspiration despite the -1Âșc temperature at the Magic Lantern Festival, Leeds


Spanish sketching

A recent holiday was the start of me trying to get back into sketching, and feeling very rusty


Tuesday Talent – Sean Mort

Time to get back to showcase some of my favourite indie designers/makers for the first Tuesday Talent of the year with Sean Mort Print Shop


Handmade Christmas

With too much political turmoil hanging over 2016 I decided to start the year reflecting on our handmade Christmas instead


Creative escapism

October wasn’t a good month for me but in tough times I turn to my sketchbook and creativity to escape so at least I have some sketches to share


Etsy Made Local Talent – Part 1

I’m pleased to be a part of Team Leeds Etsy Made Local at Leeds City Museum on 3 Dec and wanted to share some of my fellow, talented designers and makers – not to be missed!


H for Harry

Seeing the world differently is something I encourage my son to do, and him spotting these ‘H for Harry’ features on our walk yesterday inspired me to continue with my alphabet illustrations


Happy Yorkshire Day

Yorkshire day seemed the perfect day for my Leeds illustration postcards to arrive, followed by good news of a Leeds event I’ve been accepted for in December


Teepee time

After a long week it’s time to enjoy some chilled time with my family and enjoying some time in Harry’s room with new teepee and decoration

  • 100day-97f

    Day 97 of 100 Day Project

    Day 97 of #the100dayproject has motivated to finish Harry’s first birthday invites so I can give them out, now that we’re running out of time

  • 100day-96f

    Day 96 of 100 Day Project

    Day 96 nears the end of #the100dayproject and that means my son’s first birthday is fast approaching and I need to start thinking about his cake

  • 100day-95f

    Day 95 of 100 Day Project

    Day 95 of #the100dayproject and edging ever closer to the finish line with a few hand-numbering doodles in my sketchbook

  • 100day-94f

    Day 94 of 100 Day Project

    Day 94 of #the100dayproject is also my wedding anniversary, so today’s offering is for my amazing husband, who I would be lost without

  • 100day-93f

    Day 93 of 100 Day Project

    Day 93 of #the100dayproject finally sees my illustration of the Cavendish Pavilion at Bolton Abbbey complete, printed and ready to go, and soon to be in my Etsy shop.

  • 100day-92f

    Day 92 of 100 Day Project

    Day 92 of #the100dayproject sees my illustration of the Cavendish Pavilion at Bolton Abbey getting one step closer to being complete

  • 100day-91f

    Day 91 of 100 Day Project

    Day 91 of #the100dayproject is the start of a commission of the Cavendish Pavilion at Bolton Abbey, I just need to do the final sketch and colour it in now.

  • 100day-90f

    Day 90 of 100 Day Project

    Day 90 of #the100dayproject happens to be 4th July so there was a bit of doodling with an American theme

  • 100day-90f

    Pretty Pavilion Photos

    A trip to Bolton Abbey Cavendish Pavilion today to take some photos as a reference point for a new illustration in my ‘as scene by me’ range.