Friday Faves – Royal Exchange Theatre Shop

After a hot sweaty trip to Manchester in the heatwave this week I found some great inspiration, and fantastic new designers creators and makers to follow at The Royal Exchange and Curated Makers at Paperchase

All sewn up

Sometimes we need to press pause

Inspiring Women

International Women’s Day offers a chance to share role models with my children that have shaped our society, and with compassion and determination made a difference

Don’t let temporary set backs become permanent excuses

2018, like most years had setbacks and challenges, both professionally and personally, as I’m sure 2019 will too, but it’s time to get back up and keep pushing forward in the New Year, whatever is thrown at us.

Girls don’t have to wear pink

Girls don’t have to wear pink and boys don’t have to wear dull…

Every design has a story…

After months of hard work, blood, sweat and many tears I can finally reveal my rebranding and relaunch my Etsy shops, I will go through my brand values over the coming months but I’d like to start with a font that has a lot of meaning to me. Thank you Beth Ellen! x

Made by Jack’s Mum… drawn by Accidental Vix

A collaboration between myself and local pattern designer Sarah of Made by Jack’s Mum to make the sewing world a happy place

That time of year again…

Entering 2018 as a family of four will see undoubtedly seem more laughter, tears and love, but hopefully there will be more creative time, sketching and sewing too.

Winter Sale

As a thank you for your support I am offering 10% off my Etsy shop this week, and 50% of all sales will be going to Refugee START

Lucky Little Lucy

Introducing the newest Accidental Vix model, and thanking a few sewing friends along the way.

  • Day 92 of 100 Day Project

    Day 92 of #the100dayproject sees my illustration of the Cavendish Pavilion at Bolton Abbey getting one step closer to being complete

  • Day 91 of 100 Day Project

    Day 91 of #the100dayproject is the start of a commission of the Cavendish Pavilion at Bolton Abbey, I just need to do the final sketch and colour it in now.

  • Day 90 of 100 Day Project

    Day 90 of #the100dayproject happens to be 4th July so there was a bit of doodling with an American theme

  • Pretty Pavilion Photos

    A trip to Bolton Abbey Cavendish Pavilion today to take some photos as a reference point for a new illustration in my ‘as scene by me’ range.

  • Day 89 of 100 Day Project

    Day 89 of #the100dayproject sees the appearance of my whale design again, this time it emerges on childrens’ clothes, and my son makes a good little model

  • Day 88 of 100 Day Project

    Day 88 of #the100dayproject moves up the coast from Whitby, and the start of a new sketch of Saltburn-by-the-sea and the fab pier there.

  • Day 87 of 100 Day Project

    Day 87 of #the100dayproject finally sees the completion of my Whitby Whalebone sketch with some colour added, and just in time for Just Makers starting on 7th July

  • 86 of 100 Day Project

    Day 86 of #the100dayproject sees my sketch of Whitby Abbey through the Whitby Whalebone complete, just some colour to add now.

  • Day 85 of 100 Day Project

    Day 85 of #the100dayproject and a new ‘whale of a time’ tote bag finished, one of many items of stock ready to go to Just Makers this week

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