As I sit here worried for the future of me, my family and in particular my son, I am hoping that the other 48% and I are proven wrong. I did not vote to leave Europe, but we live in a democracy and that was the decision we as the UK (as it stands at the moment) took. I cannot change the vote and wish that Cameron had considered his actions long before it got to his resignation – yes I think there was some (not all) uneducated voting, and blatant lies in the campaign, but this was too complex an issue to ever be put to a public vote, and the consequences will now be realised.

Enough about politics – we are where we are and there are some that are very happy about that, and others that are incredibly disappointed, but I don’t want us to be divided even further. I can’t change history or politics but I can ensure that we bring up our son to the best of our ability to be kind, caring, compassionate and tolerant of others no matter what their age, race or background and give him the best start in life that we can.

In an attempt to try and be positive, today my faith in humanity was restored when we took Harry to where we go married, and when we had finished eating a couple on the table next to us offered Harry their cupcake from afternoon tea, which he of course took with a shy ‘thank you,’ and promptly devoured. This is what I want to see more of, so I am paying it forward in hope that in some way we can all do our bit to help a fragmented society pull together – no bickering, name calling or blame. I am incredibly upset and angry at the result but I refuse to lash out at others who don’t have the same views as me.

All you have to do is comment below and say who you think needs a pick me up and I will choose a winner at random to receive a free item of their choice from my Etsy shop, as well as donating £10 to their chosen charity (or JDRF if they prefer) in a small attempt to make the world a happier place. All comments before 8pm Wednesday 29th June (EDIT) will be given a number and then I will choose one at random to win a prize for themselves and a friend. In return all I ask is that you try to make someone smile today and appreciate what you can, which for me is my family, creativity and living in a beautiful part of the world.

Written by Vicky Morse

The designer behind Accidental Vix and mum of gorgeous and boisterous baby boy and wife to fab and supportive hubby with an aim to just be creative.


Tania Dack

How beautiful! Such a lovely idea and how lucky your little Harry was today :-). A random act of kindness sounds like it was certainly needed for you today too.
I, myself managed to make someone smile today. Not intentionally but by accident. Whilst wandering around the lakes on a well deserved day out with my fella we happened to walk into a quaint little shop with beautiful wooden pieces, candles and ornaments. I came across a little bunting that was made of seagulls and cones of chips. I loved it! Anything to do with the sea to me is great but for some reason I completely lost it over the cone of chips! I loved them so much but for some reason began laughing hysterically! I realised that the shop was completely silent and tried to conceal myself as my fella seemed to get embaressed by my laughing. I looked across at the shop owner trying to hold in the giggles but burst out laughing and to my surprise the lovely guy enjoyed it and started laughing himself. He went on to say how much he enjoyed hearing my laughter and how it had cheered up his day. He said how there isn’t enough laughter these days, especially with what has happened within the last couple of days. I was so happy to have made someone else smile today. Thought I would share this with you today 🙂
In reply to your act of kindness I would like to nominate my friend Katrina Reynolds.
My dear friend is having a bit of a time of it lately, with her two year old boy potty training. Not only is she spending her mornings running around after her little one, who is throwing the potty and the contents all over the house, she is spending the nights not sleeping very much due to her 5 month old teething! She is one super Muma and I love her to bits! Thank you Tania xXx

Accidental Vix

awww how lovely 🙂 that made me smile too! I agree, there is definitely a sombre mood at the moment. Glad you had a good day in the Lakes, I love it up there and we don’t go often enough – in fact I think that is the last place we went away before Harry was born as our friends got married near Kendal. We’re struggling potty training one nearly 2 year old let alone having a teething baby so well done to Katrina! xx

Fiona Barnett

I love random acts of kindness like that, always makes you feel the world is a better place.
I’m looking forward to making my mum smile next weekend as it will be one of the rare occasions we’ll all be together – for my sister’s engagement party.

Tania Dack

Yay thank you!! xXx
So glad I made you smile today too! It’s always good to smile! It is so beautiful up in the lakes, we certainly don’t get up there enough! I always get blown away by the views!
Aww I know, I do not understand How Katrina is doing it! She is a star 🙂 xXx

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