I was so excited to go to the Canada Water Library in London, despite the underground problems, to be re-united with my sketchbook project 2012, as well as meeting my fab friend Jess from Jessie G for the day and getting engrossed in lots of great sketchbooks. The problem wasn’t where to start but when to finish! I was lucky enough to have the help of Rob Jelinski’s top 25 read list (I advise you take it if you’re visiting this week – only the European and Australian books are in London but I’m determined to get to Brooklyn to see the rest!!) and the ones I saw were all amazing:

  • The first book that I managed to get out was that of Marian Wood, and one of the first artists I noticed through Rob’s blog. I’m gutted that in the initial chaos when the system wasn’t set up that I forgot to take more photos of the delicate colour, line weight and traditional feel of Marian‘s sketches as it was beautiful
  • Charlotte Valance is somebody I’ve got to know through twitter, and the sketchbookproject, but who I also got to meet on my Gocco course earlier in the summer so I was very excited to see her book in person. Well worth seeing for the gorgeous ink sketches of buildings, and a style I instantly recognise now as Charlotte‘s
  • I knew there was a chance that I would see Matt Robinson there, and thanks to sketchbook name badges I did. Matt‘s detailed sketches with dots/stippled effect captured my attention from the first page I saw, and the book is even better in person – no photo can give it justice. Can’t wait for Matt’s 2013 entry, and hoping it comes back to London
  • I have to admit that Mat Roff‘s Legend of Mat Marvel has gone straight in at no.1 in my opinion – you MUST see this in person. Not only is it a gripping story, which I consider to be a cross between James Bond and TinTin but the illustrations are so detailed and beautiful, and the cover grabbed mine and everybody else’s attention. If I could buy this I would… Please tell me you’re doing Sketchbook Project 2013 Mat!!
  • The delicately detailed illustrations of Naomi Adams have been on my must see list from early on, and are even better in person. The red string tells a story of it’s own and is like a wordless fairytale that any child can narrate themselves. I was lucky enough to bump into Naomi and her gorgeous children who must have loved watching the story unfold.
  • I am addicted to twitter and the sense of community so was pleased to meet Zoe Ford, who I have tweeted with plenty but never met in person before, and of course view her sketchbook which was a very different take on a path through the trees.
  • Last but not least, a big mention to my friend Jessie G who I feel I bullied into the sketchbook project (in a nice way) and did all of her clean, bright and bold sketches in just 10 minutes!

As well as the books specifically chosen to view you also get a ‘random’ book given with it so you get to view books that you might not otherwise have seen. Or, you could choose to search by a theme, colour or random selection which means it’s perfect for people just wanting to visit but not knowing how to choose a book and my fave random book has to be from wellywearer and again the gorgeous detailed linework. For me, the only disappointing things were the long queue (but I guess that means it’s popular which has to be a good thing) and the fact that I wanted to go over and pick the books off the shelf that took my fancy; this also got me thinking how likely my book is to be chosen as a random selection by visitors.

All in all it was a great experience and has spurred me on to do some more pages of my sketchbook project 2013, to be shared later in the week.

Have a great week,



Written by Vicky Morse

The designer behind Accidental Vix and mum of gorgeous and boisterous baby boy and wife to fab and supportive hubby with an aim to just be creative.

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