Well, I had a tough start to the week and shared my to-do-list in the hope it would spur me on to finish it, and although the weekend isn’t quite over I hang my head in shame as I only achieved 2 of the 3 items. So let’s start with the things I did manage… My table cloth for Handpicked Hall is now complete, although I have realised that I still have another one to make for next Saturday (that will be on tomorrow’s list) and the item I made for my studio was a lampshade, including some gorgeous hand printed fabric from Leanne at The Little House Martin! However, I still haven’t finished my bunny hats, but to be fair I did finish my 5 half-sewn bibs so that’s only half of one of the items not finished, and I could surprise myself and get it done now so that I start next week with a completely new list. How much of your list have you finished this week?

Off to contemplate sewing some bunny ears to some hats now, enjoy what’s left of the weekend.


Written by Vicky Morse

The designer behind Accidental Vix and mum of gorgeous and boisterous baby boy and wife to fab and supportive hubby with an aim to just be creative.

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