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Day 12 of 100 Day Project

Day 12 of #the100dayproject allowed me to finish some overdue projects today, and included two of my favourite things – sewing and printing!

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Bibs, bibs and bibs

I’ve sold a few bibs recently through custom requests, although worryingly some haven’t arrived yet, gotta love the post office! But there have been a few people asking if I can add some more unisex ones so here are a few of the latest designs, admittedly not all the pictured ones are unisex. Keep an… Read more »

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Bootie update…

My poor sewing machine isn’t sounding too well at the moment, which may well have something to do with the long overloaded evenings trying to perfect my baby booties, but there’s one last push to get the remaining trial pairs out. So far I’ve got about half my free pairs in the post, and have… Read more »