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Random Act of Kindness

I don’t agree with the vote for the UK to leave Europe but I don’t want to see any more fractures around me, so here’s my random act of kindness and a chance for you and a friend to receive a free item from my Etsy shop

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#Blogboost 21 – Post pals

Well it was tough week for me last week in my little bubble and on top of everything else I had been feeling a bit sorry for myself in between creativeness with my diabetes, all my hip problems, and now confirmation that I have osteoperosis at the age of 29, not being helped with a… Read more »

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Japan Earthquake Appeal

The world seems to be in disarray at the moment, but as soon as it disappears from the media it’s easily forgotten and we get lost in our own little worlds again. So, lets give a thought for all those suffering in Japan and elsewhere in the world, and take this opportunity to support some… Read more »