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Favourite flowers

A few of my favourite flowers from RHS Harlow Carr to inspire some botanical sketches for the latest Fabric8 competiton

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Just make it down to Just Makers

I don’t think you need an excuse to go to RHS Harlow Carr as it’s a beautiful place, but if you need a bit more motivation then pop along to the Just Makers Exhibition there, where you will also find my designs until the end of Aug

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Day 15 of 100 Day Project

Day 15 of #the100dayproject allowed me to finished three dribble bibs, all with a green garden theme today as the start of new stock for ‘Yorkshire is our Wonderland’ at Just Makers, RHS Harlow Carr in August

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Saturday Sights – RHS Harlow Carr

It’s never a good sign to be woken up by too much coughing, especially as my hubby has been ill all week. I’m not good at being ill, and am a terrible patient so there was only one thing for it, time to get out of the house. I decided to drag poor Dan to… Read more »