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2017 Secret Valentine Exchange

I never need an excuse to send pretty post but when I saw the Secret Valentine Exchange on Instagram on the day it closed for entries I knew I had to sign up

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Friday Faves – Harlow Carr Part 2

I didn’t have time to write a Friday Faves post last week so I’m making up for it with lots more Harlow Carr talent to showcase from some great makers and creators at the Harlow Carr  Just Makers Spring Fair, which I would definitely be re-visiting if I weren’t heading for the sunshine of Spain… Read more »

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Friday Faves – Brontes

I’ve had a lovely week with my fab friend Jess from Jessie G visiting, so of course we both had the week off and it was time to be a tourist at home! Apart from the fact it was great not to be working for a few days, I never tire of plenty of creative… Read more »

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Friday Faves – Handpicked soupers

Well as Handpicked Hall opens in Skipton today there can be no other choice for this week’s Friday Faves. I will be there tomorrow with my baby bits and illustrations, but until then if you are heading down for the opening day today then here are a few of my personal faves, who also happen… Read more »

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Tuesday Talent – Padesign

Anyone who knows me, reads my blog or knows of my wedding last year will know I have a love of hats, especially of the handmade kind and I’m very excited to have found this gorgeous collection from Padesign: From simple yet elegant bows to striking bold hats and fascinators I think there’s a style… Read more »

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Tuesday Talent – Moaning Minnie

I’m still amazed by the amount of talented people that I find in my everyday creative life, from friends and family to complete strangers, many of whom are now friends. Hence, me deciding that Tuesdays will be the days to shout about them! I’m going to start of with Julie from Moaning Minnie, for many… Read more »

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Happy Mother’s Day

To all the fab mums out there… Happy Mother’s Day! Although we’re in London at the moment and my mum back in Yorkshire it’s never too far away to tell her how fab she is. As is a tradition now, I had to make my mum something that is personal to her and that is… Read more »

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#Blogboost 27 – Folksy Friday

Well apart from it being Friday, it’s a special Folksy Friday today as I’m also using it to do my Folksy Finds Handmade Love. All of today’s picks are chosen with the theme ‘made for you’ as I love my husband to bits and in our first year of marriage I always try to make… Read more »

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#Blogboost 8 – Luulla

As I’m having a blue day today I couldn’t help browsing Luulla’s fab shops to cheer me up so here are some more of my faves from the supplies category as my mind wonders off to a happy creative place: Ayarina – Ninja turtle buttons (I’m always up for customising clothes, and these would be perfect on… Read more »