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Tuesday Talent – Little Creatures

After taking a break from Accidental Vix over December it’s time to get back into a routine and start as I mean to go on with the first Tuesday Talent of 2014. I thought I would share with you the very talented Little Creatures today as they are adorable and I think we all need a pick… Read more »

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Friday Faves – Handpicked soupers

Well as Handpicked Hall opens in Skipton today there can be no other choice for this week’s Friday Faves. I will be there tomorrow with my baby bits and illustrations, but until then if you are heading down for the opening day today then here are a few of my personal faves, who also happen… Read more »

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Tuesday Talent – Short Cuts Laser

I had great fun designing my screenprint at the Blueberry Park workshop I did a couple of weeks ago, and it pushed me out of my gocco comfort zone which uses my detailed illustrations and fine line sketches, and made me simplify my ideas. This led on to me creating a pattern with birdhouses and… Read more »

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Friday Faves – Medalists

What else could today’s theme be other than the Olympics?? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been as frustrated as most Londoners with the disruption and extra cost, but I am excited about it now and can’t wait to watch the opening ceremony tonight and then get cheering on team GB, and looking out for my… Read more »

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Friday Faves – Sunshine on a rainy day

Most of my Friday Faves have featured sellers that I know and teams that I’m part of but today I decided to choose a theme and just search etsy to find new shops. After a bad but sunny week we had a good start to the morning and June despite the rain so today I… Read more »

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Monochromatic Friday Faves

As I’ve decided to go back to the drawing board so to speak and have a bit of a break from sewing this week (probably the safer option with the hip pain and drowsiness from painkillers) I’ve taken inspiration from my black and white sketches for this week’s monochrome theme from some of my etsy… Read more »

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3 is the magic number…

I’ve just joined a few teams on Etsy, and discovered lots of fab new shops and items, so the best way for me to showcase some is to pic a few of my faves. To help me with today’s  pics from crafty folk, I have chosen the theme ‘magic number three’: Liquid silver designs –… Read more »

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#Blogboost 10 – Luulla

Nothing like looking through the Luulla shops to make me smile, so no surprise that I couldn’t wait to find more of my fave seller to feature. Although, jewellery had to be one of the hardest to choose from as not only are there so many in this category but I found so many that… Read more »

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Folksy Friday – Girlie weekends

What a day it’s been and as always I’m glad it’s the weekend, but even more excited this weekend as 2 of my bridesmaids are coming to visit!! I was hoping to try on wedding dresses in the style of the one I’ve designed to check it suits me but it seems that is not… Read more »