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Day 4 of 100 day project

I’m struggling to find much time during the day with looking after Harry, especially as he still isn’t well so I’m scaling down my ambitions at the moment. Today’s theme was ‘people practice’ which is definitely one of my weaknesses, but I also picked ‘sharpies’ which means I could use bold lines to free up my drawing… Read more »

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Sunday Showcase – Scandinavian Sketches

A quick one this evening as we’ve just come back from an amazing week cruising down the Norwegian Fjords, but thought I’d better share a few sketches as I haven’t done a Sunday Showcase in a while. These are a few pages from my sketchbook that were filled whilst we were away, and my fave… Read more »

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Friday Faves – Drawing on inspiration

I have been so busy this week with work, which don’t get me wrong I am grateful for, but after so many architectural drawings all I see when I go to bed is plans, elevations and sections, and have spent the week dreaming of doors, tables and cash desks! So, as my working week is… Read more »

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Sunday Showcase – new sketchbook and crisis of confidence

Well I started my new Paperblanks sketchbook this week, and to be honest I felt a lot of pressure to get the first couple of pages filled with ‘good sketches’, otherwise I would have convinced myself it was only my combination of pen and sketchbook that allowed me to freely draw some of my fave… Read more »

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Challenge yourself

If you read my blog you’ve probably heard this before, but for those who haven’t – I’ve had major surgery on my hip 3 times in the last 5 years so walking has been difficult at the best of times, nevermind with my crutches so the other day may not seem like a challenge to… Read more »

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Sunday Showcase – zoo time

If anybody has been on facebook or twitter this week you may have seen my animals ambling by! My new found creative style was a bit of a happy accident, after I’d made an elephant treasury on Etsy I decided to get a biro out and start my new sketchbook with a quick sketch and… Read more »

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Mystery Project

As you will probably know I’ve been doing a few of the Art House Co-op free projects to keep my mind creative whilst I debate where to take my sketchbookproject next. When I saw the mystery project it was an absolute must do as I think it’s really important to keep doing the little things… Read more »

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Sketchbook Project – ready, set GO

I was very excited to receive my sketchbook project from Art House Co-op for 2013 last week and couldn’t wait to start it. Although I had told myself I wouldn’t start it until I’d finished my prismacolor mystery project, which I am still finishing, I just couldn’t resist as I already have many ideas swimming round… Read more »

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#Blogboost 11 – Sketchbook Project finally finished

  Yay, I am so happy and relieved to have finally finished my sketchbookproject 2012! I must admit it didn’t take me long after sending off last years to forget how stressful and hard it is to work to a deadline for something that will be viewed by others and tour 3 continents this time…. Read more »