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Friday Fabric – Elephants in town

In a change from my usual Friday Faves, as I sit here working surrounded by mountains of fabric I try not to be distracted by the gorgeous colours and patterns that inspire my daily life. This is not an easy task though, so I just had to dedicate a few minutes to choosing a fabric… Read more »

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Friday Faves – Busy busy busy

Well I’ve been struggling to write much on my blog recently, as you can tell, but to be fair my new baby nephew has been in and out of hospital, and I’ve been working crazy hours for my day job as I need to take the work when it comes in as a freelancer, then in… Read more »

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Friday Faves – Norwegian Style

I am so excited to be going to the Norwegian Fjords this weekend, not only is Scandinavia somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit but it good timing for us and a break to get away from everything and think about what we are going to do next. So, the last Friday Faves before we set… Read more »

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Friday Faves – Drawing on inspiration

I have been so busy this week with work, which don’t get me wrong I am grateful for, but after so many architectural drawings all I see when I go to bed is plans, elevations and sections, and have spent the week dreaming of doors, tables and cash desks! So, as my working week is… Read more »

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Friday Faves – You’re my type

After entering the Tigerprint Patterned Type Competition, even more out of my comfort zone than the previous one, I thought I’d find some fellow illustrators to showcase today: One of the good ones – Travel diary (if we were lucky enough to go travelling then this is my type of book to keep me company)… Read more »

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Friday Faves – Wimbledon

I’ve had a busy week but decided that I need a break from work this afternoon so will catch up with it on Sunday instead as I’m in need of some sketching time in front of the tennis. It feels a bit strange that this is the first year in many years we are not… Read more »

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Friday Faves – Harlow Carr Part 2

I didn’t have time to write a Friday Faves post last week so I’m making up for it with lots more Harlow Carr talent to showcase from some great makers and creators at the Harlow Carr  Just Makers Spring Fair, which I would definitely be re-visiting if I weren’t heading for the sunshine of Spain… Read more »

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Friday Faves – Montreal

This time last year we had just got back from Montreal to celebrate my 30th birthday, and I have to admit it was a city I immediately fell in love with and dream of going back. So, as I sit here daydreaming of my fave city I thought it would be a good theme for… Read more »

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Friday Faves – Whatever the weather

It’s hard to believe that it is spring and not only am I snowed under in general but I am literally surrounded by snow. What happened to spring sunshine? There are many reasons I don’t want to go back to this time last year but I wouldn’t mind borrowing last March’s weather. So, today’s Friday… Read more »