Happy New Year…

Usually the new year is a time for reflection but there was too much political turmoil hanging over 2016 so instead I’m going to do a bit of a Christmas roundup as it’s cheery and reminds me of time spent with my family.

I always try to do creative things with Harry and get him involved in gifts etc so here are a couple of our activities that are simple and quick to do with toddlers:

  • Peppermint creams – it just wouldn’t be Christmas without them! This has to be one of the easiest recipes to make, I chose the Jamie Oliver version (with a bit less icing sugar to egg) but there are plenty of recipes to choose from. As it was Christmas we decided to go with a star cutter, until we discovered a gingerbread man cutter which made a perfect snowman. Drop a few in a cellophane bag, add some bakers twine or string and you have a simple and tasty treat which makes perfect stocking fillers, and the grandparents loved them
  • Potato penguins – who doesn’t love a bit of potato printing, excluding the tidying up maybe. Harry had so much fun stamping these penguin cards and bookmarks, but his favourite bit was actually sticking on the googley eyes, which gives them all a different character

As well as Harry helping me make presents there were some that I made myself of course, amongst clothes for the little man:

  • It’s very rare that my hubby asks me to sew anything for him to wear, so when he specifically asked for a raglan in mustard and grey to match one that Harry has I jumped at the chance, after taking a while to track down the correct fabric and choosing the Peekaboo Rocky Mountain Raglan pattern. Now I want one for myself too!
  • Cape – technically this was made by me rather than Harry but he was interested to see what I was doing so sat on my knee as I sewed on the sewing machine, I’m not quite brave enough to let him near the overlocker with the blade on! I normally follow patterns for clothes but I made up this cape as I went along after I discovered this grey quilted fabric from B&M fabrics and had to buy it to make something for my mum
  • Harry needed a few Christmas jumpers for the various parties he went to, and of course he’s a toddler so jumpers always get dirty within minutes of being worn, and everyone needs new Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve

Every year my hubby and I give each other a new decoration for the tree (our tree sums us up – eclectic!) and this year I received this gorgeous decoration from Nora’s, Ilkley, and then I snuck back and bought a boat decoration for hubby as it was great to find one that isn’t obviously Christmassy. I couldn’t resist these gorgeous girls from The Quirky Girls, one for me and the others as pressies. It was lovely for Harry to be old enough to help us decorate the tree this year and it felt like a true family Christmas, the only thing missing was the snow!

As well as making cards and pressies (and Harry’s winter wardrobe) I bought most items off Etsy or from my Leeds stockists, The Great Yorkshire Shop and Our Handmade Collective, that I didn’t make, including some fab dinosaur crayons from Colour Me Fun. Harry has never really been that interested in drawing, which shouldn’t bother me, but as an illustrator I feel a bit disappointed by that. It’s a different story now though, since he got his dino crayons he draws on everything, so there will be lots of Harry drawn thank you cards being posted this month.

It feels like a distant memory now but  I’d love to hear about any activities or crafts you did with your children this Christmas, or if you received any special handmade gifts? Please feel free to post any pics, or just leave a comment below.

Written by Vicky Morse

The designer behind Accidental Vix and mum of gorgeous and boisterous baby boy and wife to fab and supportive hubby with an aim to just be creative.

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