I’ve always had a passion for anything creative, hence my day job as an interior designer. But my creative world doesn’t stop at work, wherever I am there’s always a pen/pencil/paintbrush at hand whether I am doodling the person sat opposite me on the train, scribbling ideas for the next illustration or bringing my familiar characters to life ready for another occasion. Below is the result of what I do in my most creative moments (with only a few injuries along the way.)

Accidental Vix Prints

ASBM_ilkley-col-lowresI started illustrating in April 2009 when I entered the Picture This competition after being made redundant and it was the moment that got me hooked and motivated me to keep the creative juices flowing and not give up on my passion for all things arty.  The ideas were there to start with but the technical knowledge and experience didn’t quite match. I’m not someone to turn down a challenge and thanks to the support of friends, family and customers I am constantly improving, and happy with where my creative journey is taking me!


Accidental Vix Sews

booties-geometric-floral-closeI started making bibs and booties to use up my ever growing fabric stash after buying some gorgeous hand batik fabric on our honeymoon in Malaysia, continuing my love of combining colour and pattern from my day job as an interior designer. I believe that even practical items should be special, and after all you can never have too many bibs or cute baby items to keep any baby smiling, and hopefully a parent or two even at stressful times! Watch this space for further creative challenges to increase my children’s ranges, especially now my son is my new model and I am hankering after bigger and bolder challenges.

Interior Design

just-makers-boards-a5-draft2Since graduating from Nottingham Trent University with a First Class Honours BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design degree I have specialised in retail design, with nearly 15 years experience and clients including JD Sports, Fred Perry, Hobbs and Joules.  After working for some of the big design agencies in London I decided to move back to Yorkshire and set up on my own. I am interested in any freelance opportunities in the local area (around Leeds and Yorkshire) or that allow me to work remotely from home. I currently work with RPF Projects, based in Cambridgeshire but please contact me if you would like to discuss any future collaborations or work.

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