‘Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep’ – Scott Adams

This quote sums up my illustration process perfectly. Once I’ve done a few warm up sketches in my sketchbook my ‘as scene by me’ sketches start off with a draft composition, which is probably the most important part of my process because only once I’ve got the composition right do I then draw over this in my final style, before adding colour digitally.

Every sketch take me through a journey from concept to completion, deciding which details to include and exclude, and which characters to add (you will always find me and my family somewhere amongst the crowd, more where are the Morses than where’s Wally.)

I often stand somewhere and imagine a timelapse of people standing, walking, running, falling in love, happy or sad in that same spot over the course of days, months and years. How many times are memories sparked from photos? With sketches I can not only add my own personality but there is extra room for your own interpretation and imagination.

RRP £20 in mount (frame not included)

Available through my Accidental Vix Prints Etsy shop.

For wholesale enquiries please e-mail vicky@accidentalvix.co.uk

For bespoke and wedding commissions please e-mail vicky@accidentalvix.co.uk

Wharfedale (Ilkley & Harrogate)




Yorkshire Coast



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