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Random Act of Kindness

I don’t agree with the vote for the UK to leave Europe but I don’t want to see any more fractures around me, so here’s my random act of kindness and a chance for you and a friend to receive a free item from my Etsy shop

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Sunday Showcase – Patterns

Well the MOYO competition date has come and gone (but there’s still time to read it) and I was mad enough to enter! Above are my 3 entries for my first ever surface pattern design series. I was definitely like a fish out of water with this one, and apart from deliberating non-stop over colour,… Read more »

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Sunday Showcase – Surface pattern design

Following on from my last post about challenges, here is my next creative challenge already! I discovered a fab free online magazine called Moyo, thanks to Rachael Taylor and Beth Nicholls, and it’s really inspired me to start thinking about surface pattern design (even if only as a hobby) as well as being very informative about practical… Read more »

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300 likers = Giveaway time

Well it’s official – I’ve passed 300 fans on facebook, so as promised it’s time for another giveaway now that Fri 13th is out of the way. The last giveaway was a dino, and he was named Walnut by Char and is now in his new home, settling in well. This time the winner will… Read more »

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Caption competition

This is a new card I want to add to my shop, but being a typical ‘halloween image’ I want a caption which will make it a bit more generic, even if just an ‘autumn card’ – winter is on it’s way! I was really struggling to think of suitable text so thought I’d go… Read more »