I was very excited when I stumbled across the penpal project on Indie Fixx’s website. As you will probably know if you are a regular visitor to my website I have a bit of an  obesession with sending (and making) cards, I think it’s a great way to make people smile. E-mails, although faster/more convenient seem to have taken over and the art of writing seems to be losing it’s personal touch. I would recommend you check it out if you want to bring the personal touch back to writing, and receive some interesting post among the mundane bills!

When I got an e-mail from Nadine in Canada this morning I immediately started thinking which card would be best to send, so off to pick my card of choice to write when I get back from the V&A later.

Have a great Sunday everyone.


Written by Vicky Morse

The designer behind Accidental Vix and mum of gorgeous and boisterous baby boy and wife to fab and supportive hubby with an aim to just be creative.


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