It may surprise a lot of people to know that I’ve had an overlocker for nearly 2 years and it has remained in the box as I was too daunted by it, I have since learnt that was a mistake. Now I have taken the decision to get the dreaded overlocker out and battle with it, and believe me it was a battle that involved plenty of tears, a bit of cursing and a pair of tweezers, I absolutely love it. For those who don’t know, an overlocker is basically a more complex and faster sewing machine with 4 threads rather than 2, and is used for hems/edges/seams with a more professional finish. They are great when working with knit fabrics such as jersey as it allows the fabric to retain the stretch.

I have been sewing bibs, booties and accessories for a while now and consider myself competent at sewing so thought I’d buy some patterns from one of my favourite and local pattern designers Made by Jack’s Mum. Given that I’d never used an overlocker until about 10 days ago, nor sewn with jersey/knit fabric, this is a whole new ball game. The speed of overlockers takes a bit of getting used to compared to sewing machines, and I’m fine with straight lines but still need to find some finesse for the neck, cuffs and curves, especially at a children’s scale. That said, I am really happy with the fabric combinations for the first few tops for Harry and am pleased to finally be able to use my own fabric designs which I ordered from Spoonflower a while ago. The next step after a bit more practice is to get some made ready to take to my Christmas fairs and in my Etsy shop ready for some funky little presents. Do you have a favourite?

Written by Vicky Morse

The designer behind Accidental Vix and mum of gorgeous and boisterous baby boy and wife to fab and supportive hubby with an aim to just be creative.



Yes!! I love those mini robots, especially with that bright, hot orange for the sleeves and the contrasting dark kneck and wrist trim.

I should think an overlocker is nice for baby clothes, as you’d get smoother, less bulky seams, that shouldn’t irritate Harry’s skin.

Very nice t-shirts!

Vicky Morse

Thank Liz 🙂 Yes, once I get the hang of sewing teeny cuffs and curves I think it will be much better but they’re not the straightest at the moment. These are my first attempts though so I’m hoping it will only get better! xx

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